A Cryptologic Veteran’s Analysis of Build A World-Wide Web Commerce Center

Reviewed by Robert Rude

28 October 1996

This book is an excellent reference for individuals and companies considering setting up residence, for their business, on the World-Wide Web (WWW).

Anyone engaged in commerce, who hasn’t thought about the WWW, should at least read chapters 1, 2, and 3 before making any rash decision not to ride the information highway to the world of a broader customer base.

Covering everything from a high-level overview, to the “nuts-and-bolts” of selecting, purchasing, configuring and programming the hardware and software necessary to operate a Web server this book offers something for everyone from the CEO to the CNA (Certified Network Administrator).

Security for financial transactions as well as for information integrity and privacy of communications when needed between you and your clients is reviewed by the authors. A “Cryptography Primer” covers the basics of Public Key Cryptography (PKC), the regulations regarding data encryption, and the various processes widely available to accomplish the encryption. The authors advocate paying the additional price to purchase secure server software in the beginning. Even if you do not enable the secure functions initially, you will eventually need them as your business expands and the proverbial “hackers” attempt to disrupt more systems.

The authors leave no stone unturned as they thoroughly review the installation and configuration of three of the most popular, commercial, off the shelf Web Server software packages. The strengths and weaknesses of Microsoft’s Internet Information Server, Netscape’s Commerce Server, and O’Reilly’s WebSite Professional are analyzed and compared. The step by step procedures, detailed by the team of authors, should virtually eliminate the typical problems encountered when installing totally new applications. Recommended settings, and the reason for their selection, are given by the authors in order to simplify system configuration and enhance server functionality.

The book is well written and an invaluable aide for any manager, CNA, or personal Web author who wants to learn a little more about the World-Wide Web.

Thanks to John Wiley and Sons for making the book available.

Publishing Information

Build A World Wide Web Commerce Center, Plan, Program & Manage Internet Commerce for Your Company, by net.Genesis Corporation, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1996, ISBN 0-471-14928-4, 412 Pages, $29.95.