Privacy Policy

This Policy describes our practices regarding your access to services provided by the U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association website and web services. These products and services include our website, email, newsletters and the CRYPTOLOG, mobile and other applications operated by us, our offline contacts, and other services provided by the US NCVA.

How Do We Help Protect Visitors and Signed-In Users?

The US NCVA website does not:

  • Serve ads.
  • Use third party analytics services.
  • Embed videos, Instagram posts, Tweets or any other content from third party sites.
  • Use social login or share buttons that load JavaScript from third party origins.
  • Set cookies other than what is absolutely necessary for logging in a user and maintaining login security.


The US NCVA is not responsible for the:

  1. Privacy practices or the content of third-party websites.
  2. Protection of personal data anyone submits to social media companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.
  3. Protection of personal or financial data submitted by an individual to an online financial institution, such as PayPal.