Logging Into Your User Account

All of us— current and former cryptologists—know that Multi-Factor Authentication is the most secure means to protect our personal data on a website. It is, essentially, a one-time pad system of never-repeating authentication codes. The issue for us with our website is to provide this protection without requiring the expense of purchasing external devices or subscriptions to external software providers.

IMPORTANT: Please click the Logout icon when you leave our website! Otherwise, you will have problems if you try to login again soon after you leave the site.

Recently, developers of the Content Management System we use for our website upgraded the software to provide Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). For us, the process is much like that used by many banks (especially Navy Federal Credit Union) for online customers.


  • Setup your user Profile.
  • Verify your email address by clicking the confirmation in the auto-generated email that will be sent you.
  • You will receive another auto-generated email when your Profile is activated by the Web Admin.


  1. Click the Login icon at the top of the homepage (or the Login link under the Members main menu item).
  2. This screen will appear:
    Login Screen
  3. Enter your Username.
  4. Enter your Password.
  5. Click the Login button.
  6. The Mutli-factor Authentication screen appears:
    MFA Validation
  7. Open the email you receive and copy the authentication code in it.
  8. Paste the code in the Six Digit Authentication Code field.
  9. Click the Validate button.
  10. As soon as the Authentication Code is validated, you are logged into the website and your Profile will appear:


  1. Check you email for the message giving you your Authentication Code.
  2. The first time you login using Multi-Factor Authentication, the system will tell you that authentication is not validated—re-enter the Authentication Code and click the Validate button again.
  3. If the validation has expired, click the Validate button anyway and a new Validation Code will be sent to you.
  4. The CAPTCHA challenge is no longer used to login to our website.
  5. However, a CAPTCHA challenge is required to request the Username reminder or to obtain a new, temporary, password—those who use the Forgot Login? function are not yet logged in, obviously.

If you have any problems with MFA or other aspects of our Website, please complete and submit the Feedback form—it goes directly to the Web Admin.