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2023 Reunion

2023MilwaukeeLogo2023 U.S. NCVA Milwaukee Reunion

All files regarding our 2023 U.S. NCVA Reunion in Milwaukee WI.

Download, fill in, and send this form to register for tours during our 2023 Reunion in Milwaukee!

Plan NOW to participate in the 2023 Milwaukee U.S. NCVA Reunion Golf Tournament on June 15, 2024 at the Oakwood Park Golf Course in Franklin, Wisconsin!

How Can You Explore Milwaukee? Read this teaser about the tours you’re offered during our 2023 Milwaukee U.S. NCVA Reunion!

Check out what you’ll enjoy from participating in the special Wisconsin Brat Fry offered on June 15, 2023 during our Milwaukee U.S. NCVA Reunion. Don’t Miss It!!

Milwaukee is pioneering an addition to the traditional reunion gathering spaces. The Fellowship Center is a multipurpose area open Wednesday through Saturday 0900 to 1600. Download and check out this program!

Places in Milwaukee that may interest you during our 2023 Reunion!

Plan now to play - for non-cash prizes - Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em on Casino Night on June 14th during our 2023 Reunion!

Download, print, fill-in, save, and send to the Reunion Host to register for our 2023 Reunion if you do not wish to use the online registration form.

Check the list of Shipmates who have registered for our 2023 Reunion in Milwaukee!