U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association


frupac logoThe U.S. NCVA supports the FRUPAC amateur radio operators net. FRUPAC is a unique amateur radio network of active, retired, and honorably discharged U.S. Naval Cryptologists, past and present, whose prime objective is to:

  • Use HAM radio to locate former shipmates.
  • Provide all with an organized and convenient means of establishing and maintaining contact with each other from the comfort of their respective stations.
  • Encourage others to pursue the avocation that is amateur radio.

This is done by scheduling a variety of radio nets that meet regularly on the amateur bands and EchoLink.

FRUPACers In The Shack

K0RAR - Rob Rude Operating mobile on the 15mtr SSB net
K1CTR - Doug Stenzel Operating CW (Morse Code) from his portable station in Colorado
K8CTT - Rick Kerr in the shack
KC0UNN - Dave Kolbo Station in hand...TH-7DA Dual Band HT w/TNC (Father's Day Gift)
KN4AA - Kevin Newberry in his shack
N4XAT - Bob D'Imperio In his shack
N8ZWY - Dave Miller in the shack
N9VO - Jim Vohland In QSO from USS CLAMAGORE
NH6XD - Willie Pardue In the shack wearing "Formal Attire"
Charlie Smith [W5TZD] operating on the Yorktown with assistance from Ed Walker [KQ4DC]. Ed is a member of the Charleston Area Radio Club and was gracious enough to let us into the shack onboard the Yorktown.
W5TZD - Charlie Smith Fondles an R-390
W7MH - Mike Heenan in the Modesto, CA shack
WA2HJB - James D. "Jim" Warren in his shack
WA3MWV - Dick Daniels In his shack - FRUPAC QSL Cards on the wall
WB4WMJ - James La Fountain in his shack
WD6APN - Jack Kaye (OTRG)
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Initiated in 1973, the continually expanding roster [FRUPAC members must login to access the FRUPAC Roster] now has 573 current and former shipmates of the U.S. Naval Cryptologic Community with currently valid ham calls—Including one of the original OP20G pioneer D.C. operator’s school graduates organized as the On-The-Roof Gang (OTRG).

FRUPAC Reunions

1999 Front: Barbara Yasson, Bob Throckmorton, Dave Swift, Joe Pirkle, John Pike, Bill Werner, Benny Benjamin, Jack Grafing, Harry Patch, Jean Patch Middle: Ken Mann, Andy Cooper, Joan Leake, Rusty Gooch, Chuck Fulks Back: Phil Yasson, Russ Smith, Jerry G
San Diego FRUPAC Meeting (2000)
2000 First Timers: Front: Mel Matthys [KO6BJ], John Felton [KE5RI], Tony Sacco [N1XMA], Mike Heenan [W7MH] Rear: Cef Hildreth [AA4CH], Norm Metzger [K6NOR], Joe Brown [W4ONJ], Mike McCrackin [K7DER]
2001 First Timers Front: George Wolf, Marty Leonard, Mort Abrams, Ron Neuman [KC3YY] Rear: Bud Killion, Chuck O'Rouke [K1CO], Tom Butler, Jim Wilson
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From the beginning, it was apparent that an identifiable title was needed for the expanding group and nets. The acronym, FRUPAC (Fleet Radio Unit, Pacific), was selected to commemorate that most successful World War II organization and its supporting personnel. Also, it was considered the most meaningful term that could best be related to by the greatest number of Naval Cryptologic veterans.

QSL Cards


For further information contact the FRUPAC Secretary: Jim Belles – N8NAV.